Working Together for a Stronger Future

Canada’s Chartered Accountants have recently entered into discussions with Canada’s Certified Management Accountants to explore the merits and feasibility of uniting our national and provincial organizations. We believe that a united profession would be more efficient and effective than the status quo; more relevant, both at home and abroad; better able to enhance the support and services it provides to all members; and, better able to protect and serve the public interest.

To bring our organizations together, we are considering the creation of a new designation - the Chartered Professional Accountant or CPA - and a new common qualification program. By combining our respective strengths and expertise, the new designation would be equally strong for financial and management accounting, and we expect it would evolve into an internationally recognized business credential.

At this very early stage of our exploratory discussions, we are engaging CA members, and registered students in an extensive consultation process to hear your perspectives and inform the way forward.

An interactive member engagement website,, has been created to serve as the hub for all discussions. On the site, you will find regularly updated information, forums and other feedback mechanisms to ensure your point of view is heard. There will also be opportunities for dialogue at regional town hall meetings and other events. Information about sessions in Bermuda will be shared with you in the near future and will be posted at

A joint toll free number, 1-855-747-2654, has been set up for members and registered students who wish to leave a comment via voice mail. However, this number is only accessible from Canada or the continental USA. If you would like to speak with someone directly, or wish to leave a comment, please contact the ICAB office.

November 2011 Consultation Report

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